Jumat, 18 Juni 2010

Hope it Useful (How to improve your English)

So many people ask me... How can you so perfect in English? How did you study english? You are so smart in English? You are so great in english, can you tell me how to be expert? What did you do to improve your english?
Wait, I'm not perfect. Because nobody is perfect, isn't it? Now about many question of English learning. I just an ordinary person, an ordinary girl. I just like to read. Anything. We just have to make everything become interesting, so we'll be happy to do it. How to improve your english? I have some advice. This is what I've done for many times.
Reading, speaking, writing, and listening. It just like some english competency in your school, but it really work if we practice it!
By reading magazine, popular article, english newspaper, even this writing (that I hope it will be popular article ^_^) etc. we can increase our vocabulary. But don't be lazy to open the dictionary to look for some foreign words. And it will be so good if you want to write it in your note book or vocabulary book, or some place you can easily look at this and always remember the words.
We know that english is an international language. So, everybody from every nation talk in english to make a communication with the other people from the other nation too! So, try to talk with foreign people. The good way is by joining chat rooms! I often chatting with foreign people in some chat rooms. And it's fun! Using mig33, nimbuzz, yahoo or the other way you like. Sometimes they come from Europe, India, Syria etc. When I chat with them I know that they still learn english too. We learn it together by practice it. And sometimes they tell me how's their language. Chatting has multiple advantages beside it's negative side. But most of chatting's activity is writing. So, we learn to write too. We can practice speaking English with our friend, it's more convenient than directly speak with foreign people. And we better do it everyday.
Music is a part of my life. Music is art. Life is art. We are artist! In spite of our shrill voice or music untalented, we love music. We can sing or dance with music. Listen English music, not only listen it. Try to translate it, understand what is it means. Watch some English film. ETC.
The BIG idea is PRACTICE. Practice makes Perfect.
Talk about perfect, above we know that nobody is perfect. I still have many false in this writing. But, I hope it will be useful for us. For me to practice writing, for you reading and all good thing we got from this article.
One thing... Although try hard to learn English... Because I'm Indonesian. And for you Indonesian. Don't forget to learn about Indonesia! Don't forget our beautiful culture. I like English, but I LOVE INDONESIA. Thank You.       

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