Selasa, 25 Mei 2010

How to be a Good Student

We want to be a good student, but we have to be diligent and study hard. Have a good manner or moral value and crazy of learn. It means that a good student always happy and keep spirit to learn everything. Beside that, a good student have to obey the rule and respect to everybody.

I've some tips about how to be a good student

1st, w have to know what is our purpose of study. Is it to make your parent happy, to reach your dream or everything. And choose your dream. But, the first purpose for Muslim is to reach God's blessing. Allah's flavor. The heaven.

2nd,  study seriously. Prepare yourself to study and open your mind to receive new science and new things that can increase your knowledge.

3rd, pray to God. Ask what you want, Ask that you want to b th best. And remember that we live in the world is just to pray and keep our faith to reach the heaven.

4th, respect all your teacher. Love all your lesson. If you like the lesson you will be capable on that lesson. Because you can learn it happily.

5th, Do it! If you want to b a success, to be a good student, you must study hard. Do the best and God do the rest.  

The main idea is think positively. With positive thinking w can go through the life easily. Just like nothing can stop us. Try to be the best. Try to compete with other people to motivate yourself                                             and to know how's your skill.

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