Sabtu, 07 September 2013

Download 5 Amazing Photoshop Actions

Download these 5 amazing photoshop actions you can easily apply on your image. A simple way to have an amazing new picture! And these are the example::

1. HDR action
 This action makes your photo look near an hdr like photo. Look at the cat? It's nice, and after I apply the HDR action, it plus more sweet! You can choose the effect from the low to heavy rate to fix your image.

2. Fantasy Color
 Actually I forget what was it's name. But, let's just say it's nice with a funny cute color. Is it?

3. Polaroid 
This action make the image like a photo from a polaroid camera.

4. Prestalgia
This action contains some effect you can choose to make your picture more like a retro or metropolitan style with some light or color effect.

5. Instagram Action
as the title, it is instagramming your photo with some effect you can choose. Just try!

Ok, after you check out the example now I give you the instruction how to install the actions on photoshop.
First, open photoshop and look for action panel. At the top corner of the action panel you will see a small arrow. Click the arrow and choose load actions... Choose the file you want to load and click OK. It will be automatically added on your action panel.
To apply the action to an image, just open the image and click the play button on the action panel. Just a simple way to make an amazing effect, hehe.
Download the actions I've archived here, or you can look for some other in the web. I got many of it from

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