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On the Job Training Report

So long time I didn't post something in here. Cause of my activities. The job training and the other tasks... So, I got some task from my teacher to make the Job training report. So, I got something to post to fill this blog! Hhe..
 I would like to say thanks to God that has given us his mercy. So, I can finish this report correctly. It contain the things that I’ve done and about the whole experience at the company.
 My OJT started on August 23, 2010 and end on October 9 2010. For this period, the 4th period I got to do my Job training on Prima Computer Demak. It addressed in Sultan Fatah St. No. 37 Demak. Prima Computer is a place of computer service, computer shop, maintenance, networking computer accessories etc.  For the month and a half that I’ve been working there, I can say that I am learning a lot of things… Not just in the field of Computer Science but also real life.

Everyday, I go there from Jepara at 5.30 am. and arrive in Demak at 7.15 am. Go home at 4.00 pm and arrive home at about 5.30 pm. I went there by bus. I did my job training there just alone.

On the early part of my job, I was assigned as a technician’s assistant the manager trained me to help the technician and the other employees. On my job training I had to do some tasks. Like install the computer, notebook, net book etc. Usually the costumers bring some trouble or problem with their PC and we fix it, troubleshoot the problem. I began my work with installed some software on new laptops. I installed some software like Microsoft Office, Winamp, WinRar, PDF Reader, etc.

The biggest costumer’s problem is about virus. Usually the virus makes some program broken. So, we have to reinstall the computer’s program. But, before install the operating system we have to backup the data to prevent losing important data. For your information, if you want to save your data just save it in drive D: or out of system disk. So, if your computer’s system broken you wouldn’t worry about your important data.  

There are so many problems about computer. One time the monitor didn’t display anything or blank. So, the first time we check is the VGA cable and make sure it’s right. If it’s not work, we open the casing and clean the memory or RAM with eraser. If still not work we should change the VGA card.

Troubleshoot printer. There are many kinds of printer like laser jet, bubble jet etc. And many trademark like Canon, HP, Epson, etc. The problems like blinking, paper jam, empty tank. If the printer blinking for sometimes maybe we should reset it. We could reset the printer by hard reset or used resetter software.   

 I learned a lot from my experiences as an On-the-Job Trainee of Prima Computer. More than any learning thought in school, I learned to be with others, to work with people. The every day experiences I had in this company are really  treasured. The knowledge I obtain here are beyond compare than any other experiences I got from school and learned from books. What I had here will always be with me and I will apply what I’ve in every circumstance that I may encounter after these.

Furthermore, I’m very grateful that they expose me so much on what I must know regarding the work which suits my course. I’m very thankful that they treat me like them and they trust me with my work. I appreciate so much the working environment I had with in the company because it helps me absorbed what I need to know.

By     : Noviana Kusmahanani
Class : XII TKJ2

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